Gardens Events

Art Exhibits
Gardens of the World offers members of the community opportunities to exhibit their art at our Resource Center. The exhibit showcases works of professional and arising artists who present a display of original artwork. Original pieces may also be available for purchase directly through the artist. Click here for Artist Agreement Form

Exhibit Hours
Tuesday-Saturday 9 am - 5 pm. Artwork is displayed for a six-week period.

If you are interested in reserving the Resource Center to showcase your Art, please download the application and email it to

Artist Exhibit , Christina Rocha - Extreme Quilter
06/05/2024 - 07/17/2024
Christina felt an instant connection to cloth when she started sewing garments at age 16. She started as a traditional quilter and started exploring fiber art when she moved to Thousand Oaks in 2006. She incorporates various threads, digital photography, found objects, beads, buttons, fabrics, paints and hand stitching to enhance her pieces. Christina’s quilts will be on exhibit in the Resource Center.

Artist Exhibit, Wes Van Dyke - Painter
07/18/2024 - 08/29/2024
Wes is a life long resident of Agoura Hills. Born into a family of actors, Wes took his creativity in a different direction. Wes has a love for the outdoors and this passion has inspired much of his art. Having surfed since he was five, he feels a strong connection with the ocean. It is no surprise that many of his early paintings were of beautiful seascapes. Wes’ artwork will be on exhibit in the Resource Center.

Artist Exhibit, Steve Brown - Painter
08/30/2024 - 10/11/2024
Steve started painting in his teens, including en plein air before he knew what that was. Watercolor and hiking combined, out there in nature. Since then, he’s had a long career in commercial art as an illustrator, graphic designer, art director – and was an immediate and enthusiastic adopter of digital graphics as a powerful complement to the analog art tools he’s continued to use. After spending many years in that world creating art for clients, it was time to return to creating art for himself, his family and friends. Back in the realm of paint and not pixels. His personal art path from here on will focus on paintings that capture special moments, places and times, and encourage the viewer’s imagination to take it from there.

Artist Exhibit, Rod Seeley - Fractal Digital Art
10/12/2024 - 11/23/2024
Rod Seeley was born in Los Angeles and lives in Southern California. He studied some art while in college but only started creating digital art in early 2010. He has had his art exhibited at local galleries and he was the winner of the 2012 International Abstract Showcase. Top 10 Artist Award” by Abstract Artist Gallery and has won other International Special Recognition awards.

Artist Exhibit, June Seeley - Digital Artwork
11/24/2024 - 01/05/2025
June's photography reflects her world travels - Antartica, Plantation Gardens to Southeast Asia.

Artist Exhibit, Kathy Somers - Moss Art
01/06/2025 - 02/17/2025
Kathy recreates frames by mixing preserved moss colors with materials such as wood, metal, tree branches, rocks and even wallpaper. Discover the inspiration behind Kathy’s artistic endeavors. From beautifying her side yard to giving back to the community, delve into the driving forces that led her to become a moss artist. Learn about her unique approach to design and how her creations bring nature’s allure indoors.

Artist Exhibit, Adonna Ebrahimi - Painter
02/18/2025 - 04/01/2025
Instead of holding a paintbrush, Adonna challenges herself to use natural objects from the outdoors and discarded items from the home. The contrast of these dual sources brings competing energy to the process. Flowers have a general, basic design that repeats in thousands of forms. And when one flower combines with some others - of the same species or not - in a single spot, the result can mesmerize an unsuspecting viewer.



Bachelors Buttons


Begonia Bronze Red

Begonia Green White

Blanket Flower

Bush Daisy

Butterfly Bush

Calla Lily


Coral Bell




Dusty Miller

English Daisy

Field Poppy

Fox Glove

Garden Coreopsis


Hot Cocoa


Julia Childs


Lavandin Provence





Orchid Rockrose


Pentas Red

Perfume Delight

Pinchusion Flower

Rose Tree Mallow

Salvia Victoria White


Sea Foam

Sea Lavender

Shasta Daisy

Society Garlic

Sweet Alyssum

Torch Lily

Tree Mallow

Verbena White